A simple thank you that made my day
That dreadful feeling
Longing for that moment in the past to come back
Not strong enough, not brave enough, just never enough
Three shots down the drain to ease the pain
Even good things gets twisted and turned
Patiently lurking, waiting, preparing
Striking me swiftly down

Balloon bliss

A drug induced blissful state of mind
Short messages going back and forth
That soft one minute intro fading out
Turning into something completely different
Tread with care, don’t want to go back down that, oh so familiar black hole

“I’m here now”

Artificial lights on the ground illuminating the clouds high above. A small opening where the stars can peak through accompanied by the endless darkness of space.


Short bright flashes goes by
When I close my eyes at night
Thin as a strain of hair
A blinding shock wave follows
Then only darkness remains
And within it grows my pain


I remember the first time I saw you
Music blasting in your ears
Of course you didn’t hear
My attempt at conversation
Shut down before it even happened
Now we talk about this and that
Although I’m better in writing than talking
You don’t seem to mind


I know it has been some time
But I can’t get you out of my mind
There are so many things I want to tell you
So many things to show you
When I have a good day
When I have a bad one
And everything in between
I’m completely yours if you let me


Walking down the stairs. Movements are slow and my feet feel heavy, as if I was wearing boots made out of concrete. Almost at the first floor now. Putting on my gloves and turning my head up to watch something other than my feet. There she is, the buildings newest addition. Waiting for someone, looking out through the window. It’s dark outside and thanks to the light inside the windows are as good as any mirror. I can see her looking at me in the reflection, smiling a little, turning her head and greets me with a soft “Hi”. I reply with a simple hello. As I pass her I can’t help to wonder who she is waiting for.